Well before the 18th Amendment was ratified, wealthier American citizens obtained copious amounts of alcoholic beverages in order to prepare for Prohibition. Entire warehouses of liquor wholesalers were emptied and stockpiled by the upper classes. In fact, even President Woodrow Wilson moved his alcoholic beverages to his residence of his term presidential term ended.

It is also well-known that Wilson’s successor, President Harding kept a large supply of alcoholic drinks in the White House. Alcohol was not entirely done away with during the Prohibition. For instance, citizens could get their hands on medicinal alcohol from a physician. Within a year, tens of thousands of doctors and pharmacists obtained their license to prescribe medicinal alcohol.

Another legal loophole which Americans exploited was buying grape juice and let it sit for two months when it would turn into wine. Grape juice was widely sought after product during the Prohibition! Entire families turned to making alcohol at home during the Prohibition. Interestingly, stores sold grape concentrate with labels that warned what not to do in order to prevent the grape juice to turn into wine.

Beverages brewed at home were called “bathtub gin” in cities and “moonshine” in rural parts of the country. Government agents were relentless in their pursuit of alcohol manufacturers. The bootleggers modified their vehicles in order to improve their performance so that they could outrun government Laws agents in a car chase.

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