Finally, The American Temperance Society was founded in 1826 and was buttressed by a strong revival in religion and morality. In only 12 years, this movement numbered 4.5 million members across the country. Many Catholic and Protestant leaders also promoted temperance around this time. However, as is the case in many movements there were different factions within the Citizens.

Namely, the more moderate faction allowed some drinking whereas the stricter faction advocated abstinence. The radical line was stronger and came to dominate the Temperance movement so much so that it became synonymous with Prohibition. However, the American Civil War impeded the activities of the Temperance movement. Both sides of the conflict relied on tax revenue from alcohol sales to fund the war effort.

Also, there were more pressing issues facing the country then which needed to be addressed-abolishing slavery. The Temperance movement sought different ways to convey its message. One of the mediums it relied on was theatre. In the 19th century, there were a series a plays that were written by authors influenced by the Temperance movement.

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